How to Play Online Slots Wisely?

The essence of the slots game is simple: the slot machine generates random symbols on the screen with several columns and lines. Making a “spin”, the symbols on the screen create lines or winning combinations. As a rule, approximately 95% of the bets are returned to players in the form of small wins, and a few jackpots. The remaining 5% remains casino earnings. So, how to play online slots wisely? Let’s find out.

1) Find a legal online casino

The main condition for a good game is a payout guarantee. On the sites of legal online casinos, you can find a section with rules and legal information, which should contain data about game software developers, payment systems that cooperate with the operator, etc. Clarify the terms of winnings payment. In most cases, online casinos allow you to withdraw money only if the total winnings significantly exceed the total bets.

2) Choose the slot

Having tried a series of several free online slots, you should decide which one to choose for yourself. Tens of thousands of different slots can differ in several key principles, including game difficulty, betting system, return on winnings, etc. Bonuses can be one of the main criteria for selecting slots. Often, online casinos can give you free spins on certain slots or increase your deposit. This allows you to place more bets than your wallet allows.

3) Try different tactics

Certain algorithms distribute winnings among all players. In turn, players try to outwit these algorithms and apply different tactics for rotating the slot. These tactics include increasing and decreasing rates, raising rates on the bonus round, changing rates after winning/losing, as well as switching to other types of slots after a certain number of spins.

Any tactic often turns out to be ineffective, since the software distributes the winnings in random order. The only simple and logical way to get back all 95% of the payout is to make as many bets as possible with as little value.

4) Allocate some money

For the game to always remain fun, and does not cause addiction, try to allocate a certain amount of money for bets. Excitement and adrenaline — that is all that one should expect to receive from online slots.

5) Choose the right time

The best game can indeed happen at the end of the working week, as online casinos, like any other entertainment industry, have their schedules and bonus days. Very often, these bonus days are on weekends, when most people gamble. During bonus days, the jackpots, and the number of winning symbol combinations can grow.


If this is the purpose of your entertainment, feel free to try different slots and remember that the point of any game is not only to win but enjoy the process.

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